Our values

Our team is proud to recognize itself through eight core values. We believe that having a well-defined list of values that each person relates to is essential in building a strong team for which corporate culture is something that everyone nurtures every day.


Win as a team

Help each other out and make decisions based on what’s best for the team – Albert Dang-Vu


Be worthy of people’s trust

In life, trust is one of the hardest things to gain. Earning this trust starts with remarkable, reliable and solid achievements. – Mathieu Côté


Exceed expectations

Always try to surprise people by exceeding their expectations. Don’t tell people you’re good at something, just deliver great results. – Albert Dang-Vu


Dare to innovate and surprise

In order to remain leaders in our field, we can’t just follow the parade. – Pascal Hamel


Embrace change as a way of life

Routine? We don’t know what that is! Each project is a new challenge that we embrace. – Pascal Hamel


Be passionate and authentic

When people ask me why we love to rack our brains so much, I simply answer that it’s because we are crazy about what we do! – Jean-François Morin


Do more with less

Always aware of the latest developments in mobile and web communities to avoid reinventing the wheel. – Jean-David Tremblay


Don’t take life too seriously

We don’t save lives (yet) but we can wildly improve them! Now, that is fun! – Charles Cantin