We want to build the greatest team, the best workplace and a better world.

Our values

Our team is proud to recognize itself through eight core values. We believe that having a well-defined list of values that each person relates to is essential in building a strong team for which corporate culture is something that everyone nurtures every day.

Quotes by the team are chosen randomly, refresh the page to see new ones :)


Win as a team

Help each other out and make decisions based on what’s best for the team

Albert Dang-Vu

Be worthy of people’s trust

We are as good as our last project.

Pascal Hamel

Exceed expectations

I am always happy to see the Mirego logo associated with the products we create because I am proud of the work we do.

Jean-François Morin

Dare to innovate and surprise

An easter egg featuring Bob Barker and that allows Web developers to win an iPad… that’s rather surprising, don’t you think?

Rémi Prévost

Embrace change as a way of life

Routine? We don’t know what that is! Each project is a new challenge that we embrace.

Pascal Hamel

Be passionate and authentic

It means going the extra mile because we want to, not because we have to!

François Marceau

Do more with less

Always aware of the latest developments in mobile and web communities to avoid reinventing the wheel.

Jean-David Tremblay

Don’t take life too seriously

Really? Have you seen the homepage?

Rémi Prévost