Our values

Our team is proud to recognize itself through eight core values. We believe that having a well-defined list of values that each person relates to is essential in building a strong team for which corporate culture is something that everyone nurtures every day.

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Win as a team

Be the coworker everybody wants to work with!

Sébastien Morin

Be worthy of people’s trust

In life, trust is one of the hardest things to gain. Earning this trust starts with remarkable, reliable and solid achievements.

Mathieu Côté

Exceed expectations

The attitude of people here isn’t “Make it work” but rather “Make it awesome”.

Jean-David Tremblay

Dare to innovate and surprise

I always wait to have completed a good amount of creative work before I look at what has already been done on the market. Or else, where’s the originality?

Jean-Bernard Filion

Embrace change as a way of life

The first ones to embrace change are leaders.

Jean-David Tremblay

Be passionate and authentic

Don’t be afraid to show what you really love and what you’re deeply passionate about. It makes all the difference.

Albert Dang-Vu

Do more with less

You have to learn to identify and extract recurring blocks in projects and not try to reinvent the wheel everytime.

Pascal Hamel

Don’t take life too seriously

It’s the secret to leading a fulfilling life, both personally and professionally.

Jean-Nicolas Dauwe