Hackathon 2017

On November 10th, the members of every team at Mirego mix and matched to build unique digital products, in 24 hours. Our hackathon is a great occasion to explore audacious ideas, to perpetuate friendly rivalry, to learn new technologies and to optimize internal processes.


At Mirego, choosing (healthy) lunches is a bimonthly imperative. Forgetting to do so results in weeks of default lunches and sadness. Cécile helps everyone in making better choices (or just making choices). It is a mobile application with a reminder system, nutrition facts, and a lunch bank, where everyone who is away from the office can give lunches to others. No more spam on Slack!


Swift (iOS), Java (Backend), Kotlin (Android)

Team members

Olivier Pineau, Mathieu Legault, Jean Simon Bonin, Nicolas Presseault, Émile Bélair, Claude Cormier, Olivier Aubin

Img cecile 1 2b5373f292301e4fc7f13f4bbf2a5cdba86477c6aa869d8e6ca66ef8daa6ca21 Img cecile 2 ac0cbfa25454d716dc46426e0476af0d70e8d7909b8ad50525aca5d4b49eafa0


less is a simple extension for Chrome and Firefox that makes you reconsider your impulsive online purchases with funny and contextual content. It adds 5 seconds of friction every time you click on an add-to-cart button, anywhere on the Internet.


NodeJS, WebExtension

Team members

Philip Barclay, Jean-Nicolas Dauwe, Charles Lambert, Benoit Ducharme, Simon Tremblay, Antoine Racine, Raphael Papillon, Philippe Lachance, Jean Benoit Dubé, Jean-François Brazeau

Img less 1 6f9131b8fcd3e85688ee7bb1e54ca71d898f5f98749219e638079e675c03f6fc Img less 2 b024690cf65c91d7924024b6e4ef665014b80ef04d0e9811c1b00ef01b212e12


Leçon is a platform for teachers, parents, and students to streamline homework. Once paired with their teacher, students will have access to their homework list directly in the app and will be able to complete them in a fun and interactive way.


iOS, Android, Core, SCRATCHView, Ember.js, Animate

Team members

Mathieu Baron, Martin Gagnon, Pascal Hamel, Jean-Bernard Filion, Dany L'Hébreux, Anne Morin, Jean-David Tremblay

Img lecon 1 e0132c056442b08cc1184b5dd6d2a47ffc970957b90ac1d4c76fbce2603041ab


Stoked is an application suite to measure and track real-time client satisfaction. It aggregates data from multiple sources (Basecamp, Zendesk, Slack, Sentry, and manual entries) to create a "stoked" index for each client.


Elixir, Ember.js, GraphQL, iOS, Google Cloud Natural Language API

Team members

Pascal Boutin, Charles Cantin, Simon de Carufel, Joël Denis-Sheehy, Simon Gingras, Sébastien Morin, Rémi Prévost, Simon Prévost

Img stoked 1 1951e9a48f2304a6b248754fc02a0b6c9cd0c84547131f7424734eda970ef104 Img stoked 2 f706e8539e79e52c358e3d43d55e1a9d2de0c55ac039b1c23acf160d787b1f4a


Journey is a Slack bot that calculates a happiness index for every team members by analyzing answers to random questions on Slack. This allows our Culture team to quickly react to any situations.


Clojure, Google Cloud Natural Language API, NodeJS, React

Team members

Marc Lefrançois, Mathieu Côté, Aristote Diasonama, Jean-Michel Vincent, Julie Simard, Marie-Pierre Tremblay, David Dufour, Jean-François Grenon, Gabriel Rodrigue, Esther Chenard, Yohan Caron

Img journey 1 5d8c79460439257937aedc1d8fcc06410b35e3adee8e6bb4b354b3c8fbf2a898 Img journey 2 c98b1410119e3c088e856b7cc1d1c4e00c2adb206c76ace6e2c3bca983c59142


Booking a conference room shouldn't be a pain. Groom is a web tool that finds the best possible meeting room based on your needs and the availability. No more trial and error.


Ruby, React, Redux, Google Calendar API

Team members

Gabriel Lachance, Louis-André Labadie

Img groom 1 2ec9984f274b2de321acede676e0528f100eea2501326b36c23cac8d4ac5f2b4


Marger is an internal tool that generates project templates to save time and standardize the core structure of our mobile apps.


Scratch, Groovy, iOS, Android

Team members

Daniel Levesque, Marc-Antoine Fortier, William Jobin, Steve Matte, Jean-François Chaput

Img marger 1 f816afb568f6e5508d476b4d87635de16cf81b3a9ccbd61d338098fbe169fd73


With SongQ, everyone is responsible for the musical ambiance. The mobile application allows its users to build real-time collaborative playlists. They can add songs, vote on others', and influence the playlist sequence. We love to call that "musical democracy."


Swift (iOS), Java (Backend, Core), Kotlin (Android), Ember.js

Team members

Guillaume Bourassa, Éric Tremblay, Mathieu Larue, Vincent Martel, Antoine Lamy, Dominic Plouffe, Olivier Aubin

Img songq 1 c5940a2303d7fe3523f651404c8ec4a8d826d42667f45c376d1db93bce02b6f1


HackDMI4Demo is a hardware setup to stream or record any HDMI input for a live demo or a scripted tutorial.



Team members

Erick Côté

Img hackdmi4demo 1 afb205df61c320a2cb6d68a7ee6c50bcec366e56475f73ab4a7274ca5769426f


Harvey is an internal tool that automates timesheet approval and detects inconsistencies and potential mistakes. This lightens the operational burden on managers at the end of the week. The project was meant to learn Ruby on Rails.


Ruby on Rails

Team members

Martin Bonneville

Img harvey 1 39ea1b101c05701498f91e16018b03923d7b0bd8690e895a0a84a133ef7a9279


Managing user rights on GitHub is not a transparent process. Getting the picture of "who has access to what" is limited to administrators. Requesting access is a process that has to be managed. Heimdall is a command-line tool that converts GitHub teams into humanly readable files that can be stored and managed with Git. Making the repository available to all allows anyone within the team to see who has access to what and use pull requests to request access or to discuss potential change to how security is managed.


Ruby, Git

Team members

Pierre-Luc Simard


Mirego has reached a critical growth threshold, meaning it's getting more and more complicated to remember everyone's name and role in the company. Mirefaces is a simple game that challenges you to remember key information about a randomly selected team member from both offices. Three good answers give you access to a crunchy fact or a picture from the secret vault.


Swift (iOS), Java (Backend)

Team members

Adaée Lacoste, Luc Dion, Thomas Bélanger, Julien Gobeil, Alice Hosdain, Armand Rahmani, Romaric Boley, Eduard Lucic, Francis Beauchamp

Img mireface 1 d0e697ad426c6ddc71b141ee2d620f7f5e805ba30fccc9bac10ca3ad354740ae
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