Available positions

Are you passionate about the digital world? Do you believe, like us, that digital products can innovate, improve the way things work, reinvent industries and change the world we live in? If you have the creation of remarkable digital products at heart, we are looking for candidates ready to build top quality Web and mobile applications, no matter where they are in the province of Quebec (we accept teleworking!).

Do you want to learn more about our vision and what drives our team? We invite you to:

Software Developer

As a software developer at Mirego, your daily work is to create innovative applications that have the ambition to change the world, on a small or large scale. Challenges do not scare you. You are always one step ahead on the latest development trends. You take great pride in delivering excellent products and services and that’s why you want to be around the best, so you can always learn more.

Every day, you work directly on products that make a real difference in people’s lives in a variety of ways:
  • Inform and entertain via the Bell Fibe TV apps and the TV5Unis apps.
  • Fuel the passion of hockey fans via the Montréal Canadiens app.
  • Rethink grocery shopping via the Sobeys/IGA apps.
  • Provide 24/7 access to a doctor via the Olive telemedicine app.
  • Plan and simplify snowmobile outings via BRP’s BRP GO! app.
  • Facilitate the search and discovery of wines and spirits via the SAQ app.
  • Provide a regional news service via CN2i/Omerlo’s digital newspaper ecosystem.
  • Build the pharmacy of tomorrow via the Familiprix ecosystem.
    • Collaborate on the design and delivery of world-class digital products (mobile apps, web apps and cloud native services) 
    • Participate in agile ceremonies and contribute to product evolution, regardless of your role on the team.
    • Make the team stronger through sharing your knowledge.
    • Help create exceptional user experiences.
    • You need to be comfortable in French since we have a predominantly French speaking work environment.
    • You are passionate and always committed to results.
    • You can assess and manage priorities.
    • You demonstrate a good ability to analyze and understand situations.
    • Your work experience is diverse and you are familiar with modern web or mobile frameworks. Knowledge of Elixir, Kotlin, Swift, Ruby, TypeScript, Java, React or GraphQL—and if not, being strongly motivated to learn them.
    • A commitment to building high-quality products and services.
    • Autonomy and proactivity.
    • The expertise and people skills that help make the team better.
    • A minimum of experience in software development.
    • A deep understanding of fundamental design concepts, object-oriented development (or functional development!) and an interest in reactive programming.