Available positions

Are you passionate about the digital world? Do you believe, like us, that digital products can innovate, improve the way things work, reinvent industries and change the world we live in? If you have the creation of remarkable digital products at heart, we are looking for candidates ready to build top quality Web and mobile applications, no matter where they are in Canada (we accept teleworking!).

Do you want to learn more about our vision and what drives our team? We invite you to:

Content Marketing Specialist

Quebec City

As a marketing content specialist, your mission is to contribute to Mirego’s global growth, sharing in our promise to enhance the lives of one billion people with the digital products we will have created for our customers by 2025.

Being part of a team that is 100% dedicated to Mirego’s own marketing and branding, your role is to ensure that Mirego, our achievements, expertise, and unique culture shine worldwide. You are responsible for creating innovative and targeted content to increase traffic to our digital properties as well as our reach and mentions on social media. 
  • Elaborate and execute the content strategy and editorial calendar for social platforms, blogs, newsletters, and websites.
  • Create and optimize content showcasing the expertise and culture of Mirego’s team to capture, touch, and delight various target audiences.
  • Develop marketing campaigns to generate traffic on our digital properties.
  • Collaborate with other marketing team members to develop and coordinate marketing strategies that put our service offering in the spotlight.
  • Create dashboards to measure and communicate the performance of various initiatives. 
  • Actively contribute to building the Mirego brand and maintaining our unique voice on a range of platforms (blogs, campaigns, websites, etc.).
  • Experience in content creation.
  • Being data-driven, reliance on data to guide your actions.
  • Enthusiasm for a hands-on and multifaceted approach to content.
  • Leadership to implement new strategies and innovate.
  • Deep knowledge of social media as well as of the features and opportunities presented by the different platforms.
  • Tactical knowledge of SEO.
  • Creativity, ability to uncover new ideas and ways of doing things.
  • Solid project management skills, thoroughness, and attention to detail.
  • Strong communication skills in French and English, both written and spoken.